Content Creator, Translator, and Localization

About MasterMinds Academy 

MasterMinds Academy is an educational academy founded in Qatar in 2022 to teach business skills and uplift financial literacy among individuals and groups alike.INGOT Brokers in support of its shareholder's initiative, is offering a lending hand in hiring.

We work on exchanging expertise in topics like business, finance, financial analysis, and budgeting with an emphasis on investing and trading. We provide learners with educational material developed and created by a team of experts in various business and financial fields who have obtained world-acclaimed certifications in business and finance.

Our Mission

We believe that gaining the necessary business skills and financial literacy is an individual right and crucial to building a better future. For that, MasterMinds Academy seeks to elevate financial and business literacy, deepen awareness in these fields, and spread the culture of investing and trading among people from all walks of life. Especially those who wish to venture into these arenas with confidence and clarity in their journey ahead since knowledge and education are the base from which all great beginnings start.

We aspire to create a future where we spread financial and business literacy locally as well as regionally and globally, where we can reach many diverse groups of learners. Our mission stems from our belief that understanding business and financial-related subjects are critical for building a better future while considering the risks involved. At MasterMinds Academy, we strongly believe that each and every individual deserves to learn, grow, and create the professional future they dream of.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Create and Translate content pieces while ensuring relevancy, cultural appropriateness, and information accuracy.
  • Produce strategic content that appeals to the locals of the targeted region/country
  • Maintaining consistency in terminology and style across projects
  • Liaise between third parties (freelance translators/agencies) and other teams/employees in the company to ensure that delivered content meets brand and marketing requirements
  • Finding the closest equivalents for terminology and words by using specialized dictionaries, thesauruses, and reference books.



  • BA of Literature and Languages, Translation, Journalism, or any relevant field 2 to 4 years of Google
  • At least 1 - 3 years of experience in a similar role; agency background is preferred
  • Fluent in English and Arabic
  • Proficiency with content skills (creation, editing, translating, proofreading).