We are looking for a skilled IT Auditor to join a team working for a client in Switzerland. As an IT Auditor, you will be responsible for assessing the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of our IT systems, ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices.


Job Requirements:

-        Strong knowledge of IT auditing principles, practices, and frameworks (e.g., COBIT, ISO 27001)

-        Experience in conducting IT audits and risk assessments

-        Familiarity with security frameworks and compliance requirements (e.g., GDPR, PCI DSS)

-        Proficiency in audit tools and methodologies

-        Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills



-        Plan and execute IT audits, ensuring compliance with internal policies and external regulations

-        Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of IT controls and processes

-        Identify vulnerabilities and risks in IT systems and provide recommendations for improvements

-        Evaluate the adequacy of information security and data privacy measures


-        Prepare audit reports detailing findings, recommendations, and corrective actions